Canal View BnB

Canal View BnB is the home of Tony Latham, and from where he hosts guests from around the world who visit the area. Bookings can be made directly with Tony by mobile phone (07913 820 192), email (, or via AirBnB where Tony is a registered Superhost. The below video is an introduction to Canal View BnB.

Tony Latham

95, Wharfdale Way




Mobile:        07913 820 192



The below films were posted as a dedication to two of my long-time friends, now sadly departed. Roy Langman was a former Managing Direcor of British Films Limited, and Mohamed Abshir Waldo was a former Director of the Somali Films Agency (SFA) in Mogadishu. For many years, British Films was contracted to process, edit and print films for the SFA during the time of (Mohamed) Siad Barre (Somali: Maxamed Siyaad Barre).  Roy and I had a meeting with Siad Barre in 1991 in an effort to recover debts owed by the Somali government to British Films, but shortly after, Barre was ousted in a coup.  After Roy died, his wife passed films to me that were in his office, and with funding from both families, and the daughters of Mohamed Abshir, I had them digitised and distributed on 1-terabite drives.  Thus, if British or Somali filmmakers  wish to access the material, they should contact me at ''. Posting these historic films on YouTube in no way shows support  for Siad Barre or his former regime.