Video Clips

Looking for Social Protection Champions - this video clip was taken from a series of three that were produced in English and Swahili over a period of three-months in Kenya in 2009, funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). The topic was cash-transfers to orphans and vulnerable children, the old, infirm, disabled, and those with HIV/Aids. The script, film and editing were done by Tony in Nairobi, as well as the English commentary.

Towards Agricultural Diversification - this short clip from a 28-minute film made in St. Vincents and the Grenadines, was to encourage local entrepreneurs to apply for EU funding to improve their livelihoods. Shown on local TV every day for three weeks, it dramatically improved the quality of applicant with associated business plans. Before the film, the quality of applicant was low, requiring heavy project support, thus slowing down the disbursement of EU funds. In addition, Tony produced a raft of printed materials.

LOFT - Living One Future Together was shot in the UK (Bristol), Spain (Balearic Islands), and Germany (Berlin), and recorded in the three languages. The topic was immigration and migration across borders, and how different counties handle integration and work towards the reduction of racial tensions. Many languages were used in the film, but as Tony specializes in the making of multi-language productions, it was not a problem overlaying each language module as required. The narration for this film was done by the client, and not by Tony.

Lanreath - Simply the Best - this film was produced for the Lanreath Amenities Group in support of a Queen's Award for Voluntary Service Groups. The to-camera pieces were shot in Tony's former Film and Recording Studio. Notwithstanding stiff competition, the group won the award for all of Cornwall and were invited to a Palace Garden Party, and presented The Queens Award for Voluntary Service 2011. We like to think that the film played a vital part in the presentation to the awards committee.

Tony is  available to accept commissions to make video films in the UK or overseas. Currently, Tony is sourcing professional cameras to offer 6k ultra-high quality for all future films, so that clients can be assured of the very best quality, at fair prices.